Sunday, April 01, 2007

Meet "Java"

Back from the Fulton NY rabbit show with lots of news and new bunnies and things. Was pleased with the comments and condition of the rabbits I brought -now if only their coats were'nt coming off!

Registered 4 rabbits including my new black NZ herdsire -love black and blue New Zealands and this boy will go nicely with that. also bought a stunning new broken red satin angora doe from Joan Hastings -the breeder who is working very hard to get these beautiful animals accepted with the ARBA.

Of course the absolute highlight of the trip was picking up our new baby "Java". Maggie and Matt of Bundaflicka Farms - graciously gave us this puppy. Isn't she stunning! There isn't a more beautiful dog in the world except for my Scamper of course! She's quickly discovering the benifits of the household -two kids to fawn attention on you, a big bed to share with two people (under the blankets of course) and two cats to chase around when the mood strikes. Scamper has decided she's to be tolerated unless she tried to take Scampers sleeping bag -she will NOT share that! Scamper is fading as the days go by -she's 15 going on 16 but its still hard to picture her not being here. I know she'll teach Java all she needs to know about this household though -she has been top dog too long to let a little thing like a puppy change that!

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