Saturday, December 30, 2006

Look what Christmas brought me :)

NEW Bunnies -is there any better gift that healthy happy fat sassy babies? Well maybe but this is what I got and I am so blessed.

Litter #1 arrived early via our white satin angora doe bred to a lilac buck - 6 fat shiny babies whos colours cover a huge spectrum -chestnut, black, Ruby eyed white, lynx, opal and lilac - wow! Talk about genetics in action here!

Litter #2 arrived on Chrsitmas Day to our registered Giant Doe Emily bred to a half Giant/half French broken lilac buck who we call Crossfire. 4 of the most beautiful babies ever -2 chocolates, a black and a broken black of spectacular proportions!
He/she will be staying here unless somebody really really tempts me to part with it

HUGS all

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