Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 - A year of friends, fiber and Fun!

Well here we come to the end of another year - lots of mememories come to mind but there is not enough pages to share it all with you. Needless to say I feel blessed to end another year with my family here in good health, my hubby of 11 years still by my side, my kids sprouting and blooming before my eyes. Life is good.

Cornerstone Fibres/ Rocky Meadow rabbits had another great year -allowing me to pursue my dream in a quiet way here at home I'm pretty easy to please -hand me some fiber to spin or a bunny to cuddle and I'm happy! Only problem is that as the new and exciting fiber coems in I want to keep all of it and spin it all up - lovely!

There are so many wonderful people who have shared the time with us -friends both near and far away, that I can't name them all but there are a special few I need to thank here:

Peggy -barn manger extrordinare -everybody needs a Peggy in their life but hands off this one is mine -she won't let em put her picture here and she's scary so she wins this round :)

Maggie and Matt at Bundaflicka Farms -I forgot to thank them for letting me use their booth at Rhinebeck to house bunnies -and Maggies soap and butter creme for the hands makes my days pleasurable! Here's her link - warning once you get Maggies soap you can't go back to the "other" stuff :)
Maggie you need to let me know what colour satin bunny to bring down for you this year!

Katie and Stacey at Cody Hollow Satins - Katie is one of the "BEST" youth breeders you will ever meet -her Harlequins are stunning!

All of the NYS Angora club group -they're all fabulous and so much fun at the shows!

So what does 2007 hold -nobody but the good lord knows but whatever happens I'll approach it with delight and wonder - as I said Life is good - how can anybody ask for more that what I have been blessed with -welll......if i won the lottery I could buy more fiber now couldn't I??

Plans this year are to expand the fiber lines, continue developing the rabbits - everytime I turn around there is more colours and patterns in angoras that I THINK I need -I really think I NEED a tricolour or a tan pattern or two and just enjoy life itself :)
Peace all!

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Jan said...

Well, I've been sending Tan Patterns out and about, so hopefully you'll get your wish this year! I'll keep you in mind!