Sunday, October 06, 2013

You know you can just buy yarn......

It always amuses me when I am spinning somewhere and a person will look at me and say "you know you can buy yarn at Walmart for a lot less".
Yes I am aware of that I reply with a smile "you know you can eat at Mcdonald's too but I's much prefer real food cooked at home.  They look puzzled at this so I explain both are "food" one is cheap unhealthy crap made gosh knows where the other in my household is a thought out meal made with real food purchased from farmers and the local butcher.

Real yarn -made from real fibres (not man made nightmares like acrylic) are so tactile they cannot be commercially mass made.  Real fibres from farmers who raise their animals in humane and loving ways carry through adding life and vibrancy to the finished yarn.  You can absolutely feel the difference between "live" wool harvested from a healthy vibrant animal from "dead" wool -wool that is removed after an animal has died.  Most commercial wool yarn is from harvested dead wool.  Sad but true.

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Henya said...

Love your post! And love your yarn!