Monday, May 13, 2013

Signs of spring

Finally blogger has decided I am who I thought I was and is allowing me access back on the blog.
Spring has been so hit or miss here -sunny and warm one day, snow and hail the next. I went looking and found some signs of spring:

 Asparagus fresh from the patch.
 Dragonflies in the wild violets in the backyard - its too cold for the real dragonflies but Maggie's amazing BFL roving Dragonflies is a great stand-in there is 280 yards here -approx 8 ounces -have to weigh it to be sure :) 2 ply and so soft and the colours are stunning!
 Scamper's tree - a dwarf cherry tree -in full bloom -please no more frost -I'd really like some cherries from it!
Happy Spring All!!!

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