Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shamus Sixtoes

Meet the newest Parkinson Shamus Sixtoes.  The kittys above conspired and decided it was time for a new arrival.  So here he is - he's approx 8 weeks old according to the vet -3.2lbs (going to be a BIG boy) and has extra toes like thumbs on his front paws.   He loves being a shoulder cat and has a very loud purr. Somehow I think he knows he's got a good thing going on here :)
Welcome to your new life Shamus!!! May you have many happy years here with us.


Somerhill said...

LOVE them blue cats! All three of ours have been the sweetest, friendliest, most personable cats.

Cheryl said...

Where did Shamus Sixtoes turn up from?