Monday, June 25, 2012

Exciting new products at Cornerstone Fibres

I have finally found a supplier of natural dye supplies!! Available now are Natural Dye Starter Kits and Natural Indigo Dye Kits - I cannot wait to play (I mean test product) one of these kits myself :)  They are not inexpensive but they are a great way to experiment with natural dyeing.

 The Natural Dye kit includes 100g of the following: Madder, Osage, Logwood, Cutch, Tannin, Alum & 30g of Cochineal. The kit also comes with the in depth instructions. Essential to discovering the world of natural colour! $60

.Natural Indigo Kit
This kit contains 100 g natural indigo, 100 g thiourea dioxide, 100 g lye, instructions. $30

 This kit includes 10g of each of the following extracts: Madder Rich, Madder Standard, Chestnut, Cochineal, Lac, Quebracho, Logwood, Dyer's Broom, Weld, Coreopsis, Golden Rod, and Buchthorn. Also included is 250g of Alum, full practical instructions and a detailed artisan poster of all the extracts.
Extracts easily dissolve in water and are so concentrated that only a small amount is needed. $100

This kit contains both ochres and mineral pigments. The colours included are as follows: Maize Clay, French Ochre, Gold Ochre, English Red, Violet Glimmer, Manganese Brown, Bohemian Green, Italian Green, Mayan Blue, Amethyst, Burnt Umber, Pencil Clay, Davys Grey, Vine Black.

Applied using many techniques including hand painting, they add luminous colour and velvety texture to any cloth. Full instructions included in kit.  $120


Dolphina said...

So Kim have you tried it yet? I was going to order chemical dyes from the Us but if you like it I might try it on silk for nuno and co-web felting :o)

Cornerstone Fibres said...

I have used natural dyes before and have taken an idigo class as well and love the effects you can get but be sure to have a well ventilated area and gloves LOL