Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Goodbye Shenangians

The little kitten stirred inside his shell. It had been so long since he felt himself this way -young, strong and vibrant. He chased the light to the other side and sat in wonder. There were trees to climb and couches to lay upon and smiling people. He knew he had never been here before and wanted to explore.

He watch as people and animals viewed the world down below with interest. Curious he watched them for a while but then a familiar scent drew him away. He stalked it to where a smokey grey cat and a small black dog with soft brown eyes looked down "He's coming soon" the dog commeted to the cat. Pounce the little orange kitten struck landing on the grey cat with a bounce. "Grimjack" he cried out happily "I've found you again!!!!"

The two played together happily and then looked over at the little black dog with mischief in their eyes. the rolled and pounced on her till they all fell together in a heap.  "Where are we?" asked the little orange kitten "We've crossed to the other side" Scamper the little black dog commented her tail wagging happily "We watched as mom and dad said goodbye to you" she added and looked down to where the little orange kitten saw his old shell laying there empty.  He knew his people would miss him but he told the other two they had told him it was alright to go and they would all be together again someday.

The three friends reunited once more on the other side climbed up onto a couch to nap - they knew there would be space enough when their people came to be with them.

"Think Nemeisis, Java and Dutch are enough for mom and dad" Grinjack asked Shenaniagans"  as he purred happy to have his friend again.  Scamper looked over at them with a snort "they finally figured out they need two dogs to replace me, so one cat should more than replace the two of you" she laughed.
The two cats pounced their friend again and sent her off running.  "I like it here" Sheanigans happy and content to be young again and back with is fur brother.  "Its nice" Grimjack replied "but we'd better keep an eye out on mom and dad and the kids"

"Yep" Shenangians replied "after a nap on the couch and some food"

Good bye my beautiful orange boy. I'm so glad you are together with your buddies again. I' love you all.

Together again :)

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andrea said...

so sorry for your loss

hang in there