Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sharing at Maggies

As he strode in to the barn, shoulders back, shears firmly in hand, ready to partake of the ancient and noble art of shearing he felt one with cosmic entity that was fiber. LOLOL Sorry can't get the proper tone as Jim Baldwin could yesterday as we sheared at Maggie's Farm. 34 animals lost their beautiful coats -amazing Blue Faced Leicester sheep and wonderful Mohair goats.  The feel of these on your hands is wonderful and thoughts of what they become are astounding,  What you don;t dream in fleece? What is wrong with you?
You might see a pile of fleece -I see possibilities and dreams
And with fleece like this -my dreams were pretty amazing!!!
HUGs all
Kim and the crew

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Maggie's Farm said...

Thanks for all your help yesterday - and thanks also for all the presents you brought me! You are wonderful friends!