Thursday, March 08, 2012

I SAID I was SORRY....

 "I'm not talking to you! I'll sit here in the middle of the floor so you know exactly how upset I am with you!"
He won't talk to me -he's still mad - His Lord Majesty Shenanigans is not speaking to his lowly servant (read slave) -I sat on the couch without looking and somehow almost squashed his lordship. I received a swift slap with the paw and got nipped for my crime.  I offered him food and worship but nooooooo we are on the outs!
And let me tell you when he is not happy he is more than capable of letting you know. 17 years of love and worship and it all goes down the drain with one slip up.  I keep telling him I still love him and we could snuggle on the couch but no deal.  He's still very handsome though and I love him to bits.

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