Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Rabbit pictures

Out in the barn -nobody is properly groomed - the weather has been to crazy but I think my kids look fantastic anyways :)
 Madolyn -broken chocolate french angora
 Ms. Snippy -chocolate french
 Luella -chestnut angora french -a traditioanl wild grey agouti no rufus factor
 Boomer and Bopper -broken chocolate and black french
 Snapper and Eclipse -REW and broken chestnut french
Doodlebop -chocolate chinchilla satin angora


Jody said...

Love the Satin angora. I have some in my stash that is very silky and lustrous. You have a nice variety of angoras.

Henya said...

Beautiful, beautiful bunnies.

Maggie's Farm said...

Love the random bunny pics!