Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little girl

Lindsay turned 9 yesterday -where did the time go?  She was such a tiny little baby when she arrived and now -she is a stunning young lady :)  She brings so much to my life I cannot imagine it without her. She came screaming into the world at 4:04 am and announced here I am!  She is named for her daddy and my Beppe -the two greatest influences on my life -I hope she can be half the person they both were to me.  Life is so very precious -Lindsay's arrival just heralded that even more as the person in the room to me did not get to take her baby home safe and sound.  Her son was born completely brainfunctionless after a difficult delivery that in so many ways echoed Jared's 4 years before. By what measure does one baby turn out so beautiful and clever and smart and another one never even get to see their parents faces?
Life is so short and so precious - I cannot be thankful enough for my precious daughter~!  She is stubborn and strong, opinionated and loving, a real unique and freethinking person and I wouldn't trade her for anything!!!
HUGS baby girl!!!!

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Maggie's Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsay. She is everything you say she is! I wish her health, happiness and good fortune! I hope she finds a man equal to her - that will be a hard task.