Friday, April 09, 2010

Its suppose to be spring

Okay I'm sulking -its darn cold and snowing here........darn it I want spring NOW!!!!!~!
I'm going to go play with wool now -its the only thing from keeping me from going over the edge.  My daughter is currently singing "I'm smarter than the cat" as she wraps Neme in a blanket and carts him around. Jared has his Star Wars lego game on the Wii on full tilt and Daryl is playing with paintball markers much to the terror of Java who is cowering under the desk.
HUGS all


Maggie's Farm said...

Nice bright colors! Wonder where I've seen them before???

Cornerstone Fibres said...

Hmmm I wonder some wonderful fibre artist creates these AMAZING colourways and then graciously allows spinners like me to have them to play with :)

Henya said...

I hope it will get less cold and dreary soon. But the wool is nice and bright! I feel hot just looking at it.