Monday, February 01, 2010

Look what Jared dyed for his mommy~!!

Mohair and merino dyed in the same pot -waiting mommy to get out the drum carder and blend this luxurious colourway. Unless somebody snatches it out of my hands of course.
8 ounces of mohair and 8 of soft merino -the colours are just not done justice in the pictures :)


Maggie's Farm said...

Where did the mohair and merino come from?

Cornerstone Fibres said...

Mohair came from a farm near Brockville -we bought the raw fleeces and had them processed into roving about three years ago. Mohair was bought at Rose Haven Farms in Picton before Linda sold the farm and moved to town.

Henya said...

Those are amazing! And he is how old?..