Thursday, August 07, 2008

Let the Sheep Dog Trials begin!

They're off and running and so are we. The 20th annual Kingston Sheep Dog trials start for us tomorrow. There are over 120 dogs running in this finishing off in the
exciting and thrilling double lift championship on Sunday. The dogs started their runs on Wednesday -crappy weather for them -poor things and mean mean nasty sheep. The sheep are run wild on Waupoos Island and never see a dog till the trials -they rerally make the dog and handler work. We'll be there Friday through Sunday manning the booth, fighting over who gets to watch the dogs (laugh) and cheering on the 4 teams at the sheep to shawl cometition on Saturday. More pictures to follow as events unfold. I love watching the dogs run -makes me miss Scamper -not that she would ever deign to herd sheep -she was above all that :)

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