Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The BIG 1-0 Jared turns 10!!!!!

Holy cow when did it happen? How did it happen?? Just yesterday I became a mom. Holding the most beautiful little boy in the world. Feeling like I had won the lottery in the great big game of Life. And now I turn around and my baby isn't a baby anymore? Jared is a blessing of the greatest kind. There is no other little boy in the world quite like him and I thank God for him every day. He's warm, caring and so funny at times. He thinks of things deeply and shows me and others around him the beauty and mysteries of life. He's also the one of a kind "dyewizard" who's creations are admired worldwide -we just sent a second shipment to Australia to a fan!
Jared came screaming (me not him) into the world at 11:16pm on April 16th after 4 days of labour. He was HUGE at 8lbs 14oz at least to me. We came home on Saturday and the first visit we made was to my Beppe. It didn't matter to me that I could barely walk from all the stitches -it had to be this way. We still have the pictures that show so clearly the joy his arrival brought to her. My favorite is a picture of their hands together -hers so worn by the world and weary -his firm and strong ready to grab the world with both hands. She left us three months to the day later and eeirly enough his time of birth is her time of death -another reminder of the great circle we all live in.
Today at school was "wacky hair day" -appropriately enough Jared dyed his hair green and purple with some shots of electric blue. He's my handsome boy before and after -check out those beautiful eyes -sigh going to have to beat the girls off with a stick -oh wait too late they're already calling for him constantly. But they're all his "friends" no romance on his part. Don't ask about his soon to be wife or so she informs me -they're going to have bunkbeds and get married at 12 and live with us LOL.
Happy 10th Jared!!!!!!!! You ROCK!

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Maggie's Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Jared! Wow, he sure is cute. Great green eyes! My son Eric weighed the same thing at birth - ouch! Couldn't pee-pee for days (sorry, that's a female thing).