Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Here they are the first baby pictures of the three angora litters :) First up is McMullan's Perfect a first time mommy -awesome wool and type on this pure German girl. Her man of choice was Smith's Lancelot 94.75% German cross. These babies are genetically 97+% German bloodlines. There are two chocolate chinchillas and 4 whites in this bunch -I'm keeping on of the choc chins for sure :) I mean look at that face -who can resist such cuteness!

Next up is RM's Whimsey -100% German bred to RM's Emmerson -75% German -25% French cross -broken black. This litter is more than I was hoping for by these two - I was hoping for one or two with spots but got 6! Two whites round out the litter. The patterns on these guys are amazing -lots of colour and splash!

Predominately broken blacks but there is a broken chocolate as well! Very pretty. These guys are 80% + German in bloodline

Should be nice thick coats with easy care thrown in for good measure. Emmerson has retained his nice dark black coat too -here's hoping these guys do as well.

Last but not least is RM's Spitfires -broken reds -first litter of 9!
Bred to Davises Fuzz -lilac she produced this gloreous shimmery bunch of kits. I'm keeping a broken out of this for sure - I love the contrast of the bright white fiber and the sparkling colour -and to spin this fiber is heaven on earth!
My barn is full and boy do I feel blessed - now to watch all these guys develop -it makes it hard ot part with them but I know there are other breeders out there who will happily take some of these guys home with them :)

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Cornerstone Fibres said...

UPDATE!!! Perfect was a naughty girl!! She decided she LOVES being a momma so much she planned an escape to visit the retired German buck next door "Milton" -babies due August if she caught and if the old boy still works. Wasn't planning on back to back breeding her but she had other plans. She's coming in the house after this to give her a break!